Sunday, December 27, 2009

Some time off from blogging

Hi Everyone!

We haven't completely gone away but have been distracted from catching you all up on the progress of our home on GrayNol.

When we last left you, we had celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary by purchasing a new front door. Yes, it was romantic, but so much has happened since then....

New siding is hung ...

We leaped head-first into fresh paint colors! - save your comments, there's no going back ...

the front porch light is installed - and we're still waiting for it to take-off ...

and we have a new mail box!
**** Special monthly surprise box goes to the first person to correctly guess the 1st-use of this mailbox. Does it look familiar, yet absurdly out of place? ****

So, the winter months mean we are now inside repairing the cuts and bruises the interior endured while we were working from the outside in. However, there are always exceptions - i.e. the sunshine lured us out the day after Christmas to break out the climbing ropes and harness to clean the roof & gutters.

To catch you up on where we've been, here are some exciting topics you can look forward to hearing about from us very soon: Depression at the dump, Seattle Rain Screen 101, perfect-fit window trim, minimal off-gassing, Ecohaus finishing products, drywall patchwork, Hardie Plank is your friend, and why Spencer thinks Bondo is a better. We also have some side stories to tell like how to feed three goats while maintaining neighbor diplomacy, birthing a head board in the attic and monkeys mating in Costa Rica! Yes, we've been busy, but we're still having fun :)

For now we unveil the (somewhat) current state of our house....

More to come,
Spencer & Patty


  1. What a really come house - seen from the exterior! I liked the colors, more typically US than Norway, I would guess.

    Happy New Year btw,


  2. Hi hi! What I meant to say was: What a really COOL house!

  3. Hi Oydis,
    Thanks for your post on GrayNol - the house is a fun project that we are getting creative with, and, no, these are not typical house colors - anywhere! Boring Beige and whitey-white rules the house colors in the U.S. - ughh!

    :) Patricia

  4. Paper towel dispenser? It's looking good!