Sunday, August 9, 2009

Color Test

Okay, we've been chewing over a tough home decision for the last month. Now, we're looking for your advice. How do you go about picking the exterior colors for your house??! I've read tips such as: coordinate, don't clash with the neighbors; choose historic colors to match the style of your home; don't go too bold or bright on a small house, but use bold accent colors; choose colors from inside of your home - what color combination are you drawn toward?

We have a gray house to the south of us, an electric-blue house to the north of us, and a green house looming over from the hillside. We like bright, warm colors. We've walked the streets of our neighborhood looking for inspiring color combination - we've found a few. We definitely like a houses that use multiple colors in interesting ways.

What we keep coming back to is the vibrantly colored houses we fell in love with on our travels - it seems loud colors exist close to the equator where the sun shines all the time. We would love it if the sun did shine every day in Seattle, but that's just not the case, even though Spencer says different. So, why, I wonder, do so many people have a muted colors on their homes, when the sky is of the same tinge?

So, here's where we're at - Spencer being the brilliant architect he is, whipped up a 3D model of what our house could look like. We haven't bought the paint yet, and we're honestly looking for input here. We've landed on a bright, golden-yellow, goblin green, and a natural wood accent - that's the orange-ish/brown in the rendering.

Tell us what you think - honestly! Give us your suggestions, advice or your color-choice story.

Happy Homemaking,


  1. The model looks nice -- did you do this in google sketchup? Where's Kikkoman?

    I think the yellow is a tough fit with the green. I'd recommend picking one and sacrificing the other.

  2. I like it! Though I would tone down the yellow a little bit to not be too bold for the neighborhood. And I think a dark wood would look awesome in the orange areas.

  3. Colours work really well together, esp with the yucky orange being wood - fab.
    Schemes that compliment the architecture always look good, that's all that matters, unless your planning something funky for the garden...

  4. I think that the colors look great! I am a big fan of bold bright colors tho. I think the colors are very Pacific Northwest, live on the edge!

  5. Bold....very bold....maybe a bit to bold for me, but I like that you're not afraid of saturated chroma....but I already kinda knew that. I emailed some color options to your accounts. They're...uh...slightly more subdued, but still have splashes of color here 'n there. The main critism I have with this color palette is that all the colors are competing fiercly with one another. I tend to do the tone on tone dance with dollops of vibrant color in the accents, but again, that's just my preference. In the end, it's your choice, and I'll probably eat my words when I see whatever you go with cuz you two have great taste in all things fashionable and design. Okay...time for me to go eat some zoloft and embrace the grey. Oh one more thing. The options I sent you all feature the door being a vibrant color...usually red or orange. It's traditionally a color symbolizing hospitality and welcomeness. That seem to fit you both to a T. Anyway there's my two cents worth. You asked for it. I'm hoping to pay you guys a visit soon. take care!

  6. I really like Brenty's suggestion of tone on tone w/a splash of color. I would keep the green. The orange is going to be the reclaimed wood floor right? I would run with that but not stain it, let it go grey. Let it read as the decaying material behind the green jacket. As for the Yellow I suggest doing that out of wood too but a variation in type and/or species. Like a fresh growth coming out of the decaying material. I'll stop there.

  7. Hi everyone,
    Great comments all around. You all should see the drawings that Brent sent us. This guy is a color genius. Please contact him with all your color needs.
    Fred, I'm with you on the decaying look. Unfortunatly I'm not able to convince Patricia. She loves the red/orange of the fir. I like it too. Maybe nature will be different [wink].

    We are off to buy paint this weekend. We'll let you know were we land on this issue.